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As we all know, Emma used social media extensively. This page lays out what now happens to her social media accounts going forward.


Her Facebook account has now been memorialised which means that it will stay as it is forever, no one can log in to it or make any changes and it will never be deleted.

However, you can still post stories to her Facebook wall and tag her in posts and images which will then form a memorial wall on her profile.

Her Facebook profile is available here:



Emma used Instagram as well but unless you are already a follower, you cannot gain access to her photos. If you are a follower, you can see her Instagram account here:



Emma had a twitter account but didn’t use it extensively. Mostly to complain to Asda and Tesco by the looks of it!

You can find her Twitter profile here:


Instagram Memorial

We have come up with an idea for a few of us close to Emma, to have access to a newly set up Instagram account in her name. We would then add a photo of interest to us and tell the story behind the photo.

This wouldn’t be a mass of photos like we have with the Google Photos and Facebook photos but a more gradual build-up of images that mean something to us.

You can access that Instagram memorial account using the link below, but please remember we have only just set it up so keep checking back for updates as we start to upload to the account.


If you would like to add your own photos to this Instagram memorial, leave us a message below in the comments section and we will make arrangements for that.

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