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Emma tested positive for COVID19 on 23rd December 2020. She deteriorated very quickly and on Christmas Day was struggling to breathe. She was rushed into Salford Royal Hospital by ambulance and was given an oxygen mask in A&E.

It soon became clear that just an oxygen mask was not enough and Emma was put into an induced coma to be put onto a ventilator. She was in the Critical Care Unit and for two weeks the doctors fought to save her life.

Unfortunately, Emma continued to get worse. Although there were a few glimpses of hope, her oxygen requirement never really dropped below 80% and most of the time was at 100%.

Emma then suffered a punctured right lung and I was told that it was unlikely she would make it through the day. But she fought on and the doctors managed to reinflate her lung and she started to show very small signs of improvement.

She received excellent medical care in CCU and the nurses were brilliant in keeping us updated with how Emma was doing. But Emma continued to get slowly worse and late on Wednesday 6th January, I was asked to come into the hospital and onto the CCU ward to be with Emma as she was not going to make it through the next hour.

But Emma still continued to fight and made it through the night with me by her side. Her oxygen levels soon began to slowly drop from 97 to 78 over the space of a few hours, even though she was on 100% oxygen.

Emma passed away from COVID Pneumonitis in Salford Royal Hospital, Manchester on 7th January 2021 at 16:50.