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I will be uploading a lot of videos over time to YouTube playlists. I have embedded the playlists below so that visitors to this site can see the videos within them.

These videos range from tribute videos, videos from her phones and videos from her childhood in America.

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YouTube Playlists

If you are unaware of how YouTube playlists work, they will play the videos in whatever sequence they have been added. To view other videos, click on the “three-line with a play button” icon at the top right of any video and it will bring up the playlist. Then just click the video you want to view.

YouTube Playlist Icon
YouTube Playlist Videos

Tribute Videos

These are tribute videos that have been sent to us for Emma.

Tribute Videos for Emma

Funeral Videos

These are videos that were related to the funeral service for Emma.

Funeral Related Videos

Wave of Light Videos

These are some videos from the Wave of Light memorial event that we did on the evening of Emma’s funeral.

Wave of Light Tribute Videos

Old Videos

These are some older videos of Emma from her childhood in America and through her teen and early adult years.

Old Videos of Emma

General Videos

These videos are just a bunch of general videos from our various days out and family events.

General Videos

No more tears left to cry

After the Manchester Arena bombing on 22nd May 2017, like most people in Manchester, we took a bit of a shine to Ariana Grande. The first song that she released after that terrible night was “No tears left to cry“. Emma would play it on repeat constantly.

At the time, it was taking us hours to get home from work due to traffic whilst a new relief road was being built, this meant we’d have to listen to it over and over again every evening for weeks.

Now the song has more significance than we could have ever imagined.

Ariana Grande – No tears left to cry


If you would like to create a tribute video for Emma, please upload the video to our OneDrive or you can upload it to YouTube and send me the link via the Contact page.