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National Day of Reflection

There is a campaign happening at the moment for the nation to have a National Day of Reflection for those lost to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The full story with details of what is planned for that day is available on the Marie Curie website here:

The date proposed for this is 23rd March 2021.


Thank You

We would just like to thank everyone that attended Emma Reilly‘s funeral, watched online, lined the streets to pay their respects, made donations and then the huge amount of people that took part in the wave of light which was beyond all our expectations.

The funeral was the toughest thing that we will probably ever face, but it was amazing, if emotional, to see just how many people wanted to give her a good send-off.

We’d like to especially thank Louise Williams and Emma James for the readings during the service and also Tommy and Emma James for turning Impney Close into a mass of candles which came as a surprise as I drove back into the close!

We will be planning some events once lockdown is over and also fundraising for her favourite charities, so keep an eye out for those which will be both in Redditch and Manchester over time.

Emma was special and will be missed by so many, but we will keep her memory alive forever.

Thank You
Tony, Mike, Doreen and Matthew.

Social Updates

Facebook Account Memorialised

Emma’s Facebook account has now been memorialised. This means that no one can log in to it or make any further changes at all.

You can however still tag Emma in posts, photos and videos which will get added to her profile. You can also still post messages on her profile which will be added as tributes.

You can still view Emma’s Facebook account here.

Wave of Light Photos Social Updates

Wave of Light


On the evening of Emma’s funeral, hundreds of people took part in the Wave of Light event around the world. We started in Japan and ended in the US. A fitting tribute to someone who had friends worldwide.

The Wave of Light images will forever be on social media and you can now view them all using the links below.

Google Photo Album





YouTube playlist of some videos that were sent to us for the Wave of Light memorial. I also created a 6-minute video of all the images of candles that people had lit in memory of Emma.

Wave of Light Videos

Thank You

Thank you so much to everyone that took part, you have no idea how much it means to the family to see just how many people cared for Emma.

Updates Media

The notice in Redditch Advertiser

The notice of Emma’s passing has been published in the Redditch Advertiser today. If you want to, you can see it here:



Arrangements are underway for Emma to be cremated at Redditch Crematorium although we do not yet have a confirmed date.

Due to COVID lockdown restrictions, the number of people that can attend is very limited. We are hoping to have a live stream of the funeral available for those that want to attend but cannot.

Some of Emma’s ashes will be put into a pendant for me and this will pass onto our Son Connor once he is older.

The rest of her ashes will be placed into an urn and buried with her beloved Nan at Redditch Crematorium. Her Nan’s headstone will then be engraved with Emma’s name meaning that her family and friends have a place to visit and speak to her. However, again due to COVID, we have to wait to do this until lockdown in England is over.



I’ve spent some time putting together this memorial website for Emma. I hope that it gives people not only an insight into her life but also a chance to take a look through her video and photo archives.

Emma was a kind hearted person who would help anyone and everyone. Since her passing, I have had 100’s of messages from people all over world telling me what a special person she was.

She raised money for charities and always looked out for her neighbours.

She loved Christmas time and that is reflected in the photos after turning the house into Santa’s Grotto!

I really hope that people will add their photos and videos to the site and also contribute their own thoughts and stories about Emma.

The more we all contribute to this site, the more Connor can grow up learning more and more about his Mom.

If you do contribute – thank you.